Step out of thinking, into now.

About .NOW.

.NOW. is a way of life where the central focus is to bring you back to where you truly belong: The present.

Even as you read this, your mind is preoccupied with thoughts of what is supposed to be done, what happened yesterday or what is going to happen tomorrow but what if we could keep everything on hold, just for one moment. Just for one moment, let time stand still and let your mind stand still with it.


Himanshi Parmar


Ritu Chauhan

Digital Designer

Hely Patel

Film Maker

Manali Tendulkar

Film Maker

Mehul Sahai

Concept Artist

Mrinal Naithani


Aditya Bhave

Software Developer

Saket Jawaji

Film Maker

Shantanu Arya

Projection Mapping

Sreejana Prasad

Product Designer

Sukriti Singh

Health Psychologist

Naveen Kesavan

Product Designer

Vijeta Singh

Drum Up Communications

Shiva Sharan

Drum Up Communications

Prajwal Degwekar

Ek Design
Furniture Designer

Krithika Yegnaraman

Film Maker

Creative Collaborations

Art is often a medium to exhibit a variety of things that cannot be written or spoken about, simply because the words to describe them don't exist. Pain, joy, suffering ecstasy- put onto canvas are much greater in undistilled emotion. In its abstraction it communicates artist's purest intentions, without allowing words to distract them with it. Sure we could've written a book on mindfulness. We could've given a talk on being in the now, and you would've understood. But only through art - and it's subsidiary of design - will you be able to actually feel.
There's plenty that our brain cannot comprehend but can experience and can subliminally read in the coming together of line texture and color. Therefore design. We aren't trying to inform or educate. We're trying to make you feel.

This exhibit, has been put together by a mix of students and professionals from different backgrounds in health psychology, cinema, advertising, design, art, meditation and well-being, with the hope to get you to feel something rather than to think.


In this stark setting the 'Now' in between the two periods really works.It reminds me in a very positive way of the date painting work of On Kawara, which are ultimately - but in a very different sense - about the moment too.

Stefan Sagmeister

The most interesting aspect of the exhibit for me was how it made you think. "Live in the moment" is something you hear every second person say. So naturally, when I entered the exhibit I thought I already knew what they were going to showcase. But I was wrong. Every piece of work in the exhibit, is a step. Each step helps you get closer to the realisation that we may think we live in the moment, but that is far from the truth. In all, it was a very enlightening experience.

Aishwarya Karunakaran

Had the most fulfilling sip of water. Tried to experience a wholesome nothingness for once, without much effort.

Shubhanshi Mishra

Thank you for reminding us of our present and making us so conscious of now. This was awesome.

Shreya Chandorkar


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